Kase Farma, An Industry Leader

Kase Farma is an industry leader driven by quality, integrity and innovation, managed by a world-class team of experts. Kase Farma currently operates out of a 22,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and is currently implementing a scaled-up, high through put extraction strategy utilizing IPGrow hemp-based cannabinoid plant within the existing facility. Kase Farma is licensed to operate in the areas of cultivation, extraction and distribution in the State of California, and is world renowned for its products that have been shown to assist with the reduction of certain medical conditions.

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Kase Farma Engineers formulate product with our outdoor grown, superior genetic hemp, sourced from IPElite™ and IPGrowers™ in California and Saskatchewan. Kase One prides itself in providing customers with full transparency as to the IP plant origin of their products and the integrity and, science utilized in the extraction and formulation of Kase One; bringing accountability and verified quality to the cannabinoid industry.


Kase Farma has the latest, most advanced commercial scale cannabinoid extraction and purification equipment to ensure the highest quality products are available.



Kase Farma has aligned itself with superior, highly regarded hemp growers in North America, that provide Kase with high performance, IPGrow genetic specific products for its custom designed cannabinoid formulations.


Our Philosophy

Kase Farma embraces providing a premium health and wellness product to assist you in maintaining your overall health and balance in your body, guiding you to achieve your best self and reconnect with your well being and happiness through a natural, plantbased product.

We at Kase Farma, are here on your journey in finding your path to living life to the fullest.


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