Canadian Cannabis Company, Starling Brands, Inc. Launches Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Kase Manufacturing for Extraction, Cultivation and Distribution in California

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Canadian Cannabis Company, Starling Brands, Inc. Launches Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Kase Manufacturing for Extraction, Cultivation and Distribution in California

TORONTODec . 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – Starling Brands, Inc. (“Starling”) is pleased to announce that in March 2018, they opened their 100% wholly owned subsidiary, Kase Manufacturing Inc.,(“Kase”) an extraction, manufacturing, cultivation and distribution center in Ceres, California .

Kase operates out of a 22,000-square-foot facility and is fully licensed for volatile extraction, manufacturing, cultivation and distribution in Ceres . Kase is strategically located in the Central Valley of California, and is currently the only licensed cannabis extraction facility in Stanislaus County . The facility was designed and built to world-class manufacturing standards, utilizing some of the highest quality machinery and lab equipment available, and is operated by our award-winning extractors . Both our high standards for personnel and equipment allow us to produce consistent and quality cannabis oils and distillates.

The name Kase Manufacturing originated from the son of our Starling Brands CEO, Mike Reynolds . Kase Reynolds was diagnosed with epilepsy at just four months old, and has since been treating his symptoms with Jayden’s Juice, a cannabis-rich CBD/THC tincture, which is manufactured at Kase Manufacturing .

With the facility being fully operational, Starling not only manufacturers Jayden’s Juice, but is able to provide wholesale cannabis oils and distillates, volatile extraction, white label, and distribution services to a growing list of partners. Starling also has the ability to manufacture specialty products such as tinctures, shatter, sauces, waxes, and topicals .

The location of the Kase Manufacturing facility in Ceres, California, is advantageous because of our statewide distribution capabilities from the Central Valley, as well as the harmonious relationship between Starling and the town of Ceres . The Ceres community, including members of the city council, fire and police departments, and the Mayor’s office, have all supported Kase and have provided an unparalleled first-mover advantage during the shifting legalization landscape throughout California .

“The opportunity for California to create the gold standard for extraction through cannabis is one of our goals. It is a responsibility we uphold to our kids, families and the city of Ceres and the global cannabis community,” said Starling Brands CEO, Mike Reynolds.

Kase is currently in the process of building out its distribution business to launch by Q1, 2019.

About Starling Brands, Inc.
Starling Brands, Inc. founded in 2017 and is located in Toronto, Canada. It operates in the US via its wholly-owned subsidiary, Kase Manufacturing located in Ceres, California and a satellite office in Los Angeles. Starling is committed to the production of high-quality, consistent cannabis-derived products and produces mass-scale medical and recreational cannabis products for premium brands.

About Kase Manufacturing, Inc.
Kase Manufacturing, founded in 2018, is a 22,000 square-foot manufacturing facility located in Ceres, California. Kase is a fully-licensed cannabis volatile extraction, manufacturing, packing and distribution facility operated by award-winning extractors producing consistent and high quality cannabis oils, tinctures and distillates for wholesale and retail brands.

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