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Kase Farma has the latest, most advanced commercial scale cannabinoid extraction equipment, that ensures the highest quality product available.

To meet increasing demand for high-quality extraction and formulation, Kase Farma is now implementing and executing on an equipment procurement strategy to meet the growing demand for cannabinoid products for both the domestic and world markets.

We have reviewed the industries most optimized extraction and purification technologies that will allow us to be world scale, best in class extractors and formulators. We are increasing our capacity by 12,000 pounds per day of IPGrow hemp biomass processing with expected completion and commissioning mid-December 2019, which will make us one of the larger CBD manufacturers in the United States.

Our existing unsatisfied demand for product from our channels of distribution in California and USA domestic markets will give us an immediate outlet for our products. Our new alliance with Canadian suppliers of raw IPGrow cannabinoid feed stock, will ensure our plant will be operating at peak efficiency to meet the expected increases in demand.

CBG Compound

The CBG cannabinoid is the precursor to all other cannabinoids and it is believed to have a significant impact directly on the endocannabinoid system, unlike CBD, which acts more as a guide for other compounds to bind to the body’s CB receptors. Kase Farma's approach to CBG revolves around first identifying high-CBG genetics in order to have access to larger volumes of identity preserved biomass through our IPGrow partners. At Kase Farma we believe that the highest degree of benefit comes from utilizing the Full Spectrum of the hemp plant, and our focus in terms of CBG, will follow this train of thought as we implement this CBG wellness strategy. Along with Full Spectrum CBG extraction we are also working on isolation of the CBG compound through crystallization techniques that will allow Kase Farma to produce the highest quality and purity CBG products available, whether they be packaged consumer goods or bulk ingredients.


Kase Farma, An Industry Leader

Kase Farma is an industry leader driven by quality, integrity and innovation, managed by a world-class team of experts. Kase Farma currently operates out of a 22,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and is currently implementing a scaled-up, high through put extraction strategy utilizing IPGrow hemp-based cannabinoid plant within the existing facility. Kase Farma is licensed to operate in the areas of cultivation, extraction and distribution in the State of California, and is world renowned for its products that have been shown to assist with the reduction of certain medical conditions.

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Contact Us
4111 Brew Master Dr 
Ceres, CA
95307, USA

Phone: 209-622-4580 

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