They serve thousands in Stanislaus County. Now this Modesto dispensary being forced to close.

Scott Brown

They serve thousands in Stanislaus County. Now this Modesto dispensary being forced to close herunterladen.


Jayden’s Journey, Modesto dispensary, forced to close because of paperwork herunterladen.

Jayden’s Journey in Modesto is set to close on June 30 after Stanislaus County said it doesn’t have the right paperwork to get a permit download all albums.

The business got docked in several areas, including proposed property location, business plan, neighborhood compatibility plan, safety plan, security plan, air quality plan, and labor and employment plan download skype windows 8. The business also received an evaluation score of just 63 percent. The minimum needed is 80 percent, according to a statement on the county’s website taxman 2019.

Phillip Wu, who has epilepsy, says Jayden’s Juice, a cannabidiol, has helped him recover after seizures.

“The time I need to recover is less,” Wu said, who is one of thousands of people that the dispensary serves Download home button.

Jason David opened the dispensary after his son, Jayden, who has Dravet syndrome and suffers seizures, recovered with the help of cannabidiol.

David says the situation is unfair because it takes too long to appeal netflix für macen.

“My lawyers looked over that paperwork and they found eight pages that were incorrectly graded,” David said.

The county will be meeting with all the businesses appealing on June 29 putty. The county says that date is the only time people are available. Businesses will receive an answer 5-10 days after the meeting.

“So do I pay rent?” David said klondike spiel kostenlos herunterladen. “What do I do with my employees? What do I do with the product? What do I do with our patients? That’s what really breaks my heart.”

Jayden’s Journey in Ceres will stay open tor browser cannot beed. Several patients say they are looking to carpool if possible to that location.