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Biomass Extraction

Dilate - Penetrate - Purify - Refine

The Process

Pre-Oil Extraction Steps:

1. Dilate/Shred – Break down plant materials and open the tissue for efficient drying and ethanol penetration.
2. Drying of Plant Biomass – Reduce moisture content to 8-10% through gentle drying techniques.
3. Bag – Following the drying & processing cycle dried & processed biomass is stored in bags.

Prepare for Processing of Oil:

4. Ethanol Soak/Spray – Soak/spray product in Ethanol Bath
5. Screw Press/Centrifuge – Remove “soup” or “slurry” containing the cannabinoids, oils, ethanol and plant liquids from the plant fibres.
6. Refining of Oil – Using Falling Film, remove 90% of ethanol and recycle ethanol through system for reuse. This produces a product which contains approximately 50% CBD Oil.
7. Filtering – Remove remainder of impurities, including chlorophyll, gums, sucrose, lipids and additional plant impurities.
8. Upgrading – Continue to upgrade CBD Oil through filtration and wiped film reactor to remove non-CBD products. This produces a product which contains, approximately 75% FSO (Full Spectrum Oil) CBD Oil.
9. Isolate Production – utilizing vacuum filtration to achieve finished product. Many of these refinement processes will allow the isolation of other valuable CBD, CBG, and CBN cannabinoids.


Kase Farma, An Industry Leader

Kase Farma is an industry leader driven by quality, integrity and innovation, managed by a world-class team of experts. Kase Farma currently operates out of a 22,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and is currently implementing a scaled-up, high through put extraction strategy utilizing IPGrow hemp-based cannabinoid plant within the existing facility. Kase Farma is licensed to operate in the areas of cultivation, extraction and distribution in the State of California, and is world renowned for its products that have been shown to assist with the reduction of certain medical conditions.

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Contact Us
4111 Brew Master Dr 
Ceres, CA
95307, USA

Phone: 209-622-4580 

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