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Ricardo Salgado, Head Extractor at Kase Farma, has worked throughout the various aspects of the cannabis industry for almost 10 years, as a proficient cultivator, quality assessor and extractor. Graduating from Southern Illinois University with a focus on Agriculture; Ricardo brings a commercial industry-oriented approach to the production and extraction of Cannabis. Ricardo Salgado began cultivating in his early 20’s, mentoring under several different growers and was trained in both natural and artificial cultivation methods.  He entered the legal market in 2013 under California’s proposition 215, where he became familiar with managing multiple cultivation sites and producing cannabis at scale.  In 2014, he specialized in cultivating and breeding of CBD strains for extraction to supply medical patients.  In 2017, Ricardo, joined on as a partner and lead cultivator for a one-acre cannabis cultivation site in Yolo County.  Over the course of three years Ricardo cultivated both CBD and THC dominant cannabis strains at scale, while simultaneously consulting on the development of an extraction laboratory.  Ricardo’s responsibilities included the management of staff, training, cultivation, sales, cannabis safety compliance and stringent IPM management compliant to California’s testing requirements.

Ricardo’s was first introduced to hydrocarbon extraction 15 years ago and has spent the last decade training in the various forms of solvent and non-solvent based extraction methods. Ricardo dedicates his free time and resources to researching auxiliary aspects of extraction which include the crystallization and isolation of select compounds, single solvent chromatography and the remediation of heavy metals, select pesticides and mycotoxins. 

Ricardo operates a business as well as working as a consultant to help various business owners with cultivation techniques, refining extraction procedures, reverse engineer production methods, as well as assessing product quality, growing methodology and strain legacy.


Mike Reynolds - CEO of Kase Manufacturing & Senior Special Advisor of Kase Farma has spent the last 10 years building political, business and community alliances in the cities of Ceres and Modesto, California. His involvement in cannabis began after his son Kase was diagnosed with epilepsy at four months old. Mike then formed a partnership with Jason David and gave a new impetus to the development and success of the Jayden's Juice product offer.

Mike, directed the planning, design, construction, licensing and staffing of Kase Manufacturing, one of the first cannabinoid manufacturing labs approved for operations in the State of California. His hands-on experience as a pioneering developer of medicinal cannabinoid products gives him the foresight that will allow Kase Farma to adapt quickly to changes in the hemp/CBD marketplace.

His relationship with the City of Ceres and experience as a parent of a child whose life was transformed by medicinal cannabinoids are invaluable to Kase Farma's success.


Drew Ford - CSO of Kase Manufacturing & Senior Technical Advisor of Kase Farma heads the research and product development division at Kase Farma with a particular focus on formulation, extraction, and quality control. He previously worked as a chemical engineer in the reverse osmosis desalination industry, working in research and development and chemical purification before making the switch to the cannabinoids space.

His patented Intellectual Property was one of the driving factors that caused LG Chemical to purchase the desalination company after being installed in one of the top 10 largest desalination plants in the world at Palmachim, Israel.

Drew's experience and passion for chemical purification and refinement brought him to the cannabinoid market and Kase Farma. He was a key member of the team that developed the first vacuum distillation process equipment for cannabinoid oil and has optimized and redefined the standard of "potency". Many of the wiped film systems today being offered by equipment OEMs bare Drew's early vacuum distillation development ideas.

Kase Farma, An Industry Leader

Kase Farma is an industry leader driven by quality, integrity and innovation, managed by a world-class team of experts. Kase Farma currently operates out of a 22,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and is currently implementing a scaled-up, high through put extraction strategy utilizing IPGrow hemp-based cannabinoid plant within the existing facility. Kase Farma is licensed to operate in the areas of cultivation, extraction and distribution in the State of California, and is world renowned for its products that have been shown to assist with the reduction of certain medical conditions.

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