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  • Bath Salts

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    Soothing and effervescent bath salts loaded with epsom salt, pink Himalayan sea salt, and almond oil for a luxurious soak.
  • Capsule Oil

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    Description: Ready to encapsulate in soft gels or two-piece hardshell capsules. MCT base, terpene-enriched, and ultrasonically processed for increased absorption…
  • Facial Serum

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    Our hydrating facial serum with leave you with glowing, firmer-looking skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation.…
  • Kase One CBD Oil

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    Our tinctures are made from a single Spanish variety of extra virgin olive oil and refined full-spectrum extract, delivering the…
  • Moisturizing Body Oil

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    Description: Our body oil is quick to absorp and will leave your skin feeling soft, healthy, and strong. Paired with…
  • Suppository

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    CBD Suppositories are formulated for pain and inflammation relief at the source. They are pH balanced to maintain feminine health…
  • Transdermal Roll-On

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    Our transdermal ointment is crafted from only the most decadent of cosmetic-grade, all-natural oils that carry CBD deep into the…

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